YOU can make a HUGE difference!

Saturday, May 30, 2015 is going to be a great day for the materially poor! Join hundreds from around the world who, walking in "kopano" (unity), are out to raise at least $100,000. 100% of that will go through PEER Servants to ten indigenous Christian microfinance partners and ultimately some of the over 150,000 clients they serve. It will provide micro-loans that enable moms and dads to grow businesses to support their families, churches, and communities. It will educate children. It will support programs that are proclaiming God's love. In short, it will extend a bit more of heaven to the materially poor, and to you as well! Please join us!




Experiencing and Extending the Kingdom!

A smile on a face like that can suggest only one thing - Joshua was having a great time while being up to something! And that's exactly how to characterize the experience for those who gathered for today's Kopano Walk/Fun Run for Economic Empowerment.

We surpassed the $32,000 mark on our way to trying to raise $100,000 for the materially poor through our 2015 crowdfunding initiatives. And we had a great time doing it! Walkers from many churches and many nations gathered to take real and practical steps to empowering the materially poor. We had a beautiful day and were spoiled by our corporate sponsors - Chick-fil-A, Lester's BBQ, Stop&Shop, and HoneyDew Donuts.

Joshua had to find a red gummy bear in a mountain of whip cream as one of many events in the Kingdom Olympics. He didn't medal in this game, but did in many others, raising hundreds of dollars for the materially poor of Haiti.

If you'd like to sponsor one of the Kopano walkers, click here for a list of those with fundraising pages and put us a few steps closer to extending the kingdom of heaven to the materially poor in 2015. Thank you!


Don't Forget These on Saturday!

The big day is almost here! Tomorrow marks our official Starting Line to raising $100,000 to empower the materially poor. What an exciting day for the kingdom of heaven to be extended to earth.

Check out the "Boston Details" in the right sidebar for all of the information regarding where to go and when. And here's what you need to bring...
  • Your donations you have already collected. Any family who raises (or donates to another walker) at least $200 will get beautiful Walk T-Shirts for all present family members.
  • Chairs, blankets, etc. to enjoy the day in the park.
  • Outdoor games. PEER Teens Boston and our summer interns have lined up a fantastic Kopano Kingdom Olympics for kids of all ages (including adults!), but it's always nice to have an extra frisbee or soccer ball around.
  • Used books to give away. We're going to have a book table, so bring any books you'd like to pass on to others and have whatever they donate go to empower the materially poor.
  • Your appetite! We have some fantastic corporate sponsors - Chick-fil-A, Stop&Shop, HoneyDew Donuts, Lester's BBQ, and more. They have been very generous in providing great food and are all applauding how you are making a real difference in the lives of the materially poor!
God is molding a beautiful (warm!) day for us. After our winter, we'll take all the warmth and sunshine we can get!

Let this truly amazing race to $100,000 begin!


Perhaps Our Most Inspiring Donation

When you set out to try to raise $100,000 to empower the materially poor, there will be many inspiring stories of those who will receive the funds, but there will be inspiring stories of those who choose to give as well.

One very inspiring donor story just happened.
A brother in South Sudan felt impelled by God's Spirit to donate. A $10 gift would have been a sacrifice for many in South Sudan, and for him as well. He gave $100. That's a lot of money in South Sudan, especially given the recent devaluation of their currency. Insisting on staying anonymous but willing to have us share his story, he wrote, "More often than not we have under-looked our potential to pull together resources and entrust unto Jesus for multiplication." Something tells me Jesus took note of that donation from our brother in South Sudan, perhaps like He took note of a woman giving two very small copper coins that we still talk about to this day. May Jesus take that sacrificial $100 and multiply it many times over to extend more of His kingdom to the materially poor.

Why do we share this story? Because it so much captures our experience in PEER Servants. Often we set out to give to the materially poor, but we find that we receive so much more from them. We learn from them what true dependence on God looks like, and when we apply that to our own lives to seek His kingdom first like Jesus told us to do, we experience aspects of the kingdom of heaven on earth that we never experienced before.

Thank you, dear brother, for giving us far more than $100. Jesus is already multiplying your gift in our lives.


HoneyDew and Stop&Shop are Back!

How nice it is to look back after 10 years of doing the Walk for Economic Empowerment and see faithful corporate sponsors who have been with us almost every step of the way. That's what we see in the likes of Stop&Shop and HoneyDew Donuts (along with Chick-fil-A - see the post below).

Stop&Shop has provided us with thousands of dollars of gift cards over the years that have enabled us to purchase much of what we need to host our walkers and guests well with snack, drinks, paper products, and more.

HoneyDew starts us off well with donuts and coffee as our walkers arrive. We walk right by one of the sponsoring franchises on the Boston Walk route. Stop in often to support and thank them along with our other long-term faithful corporate sponsors. Thank you, Stop&Shop, HoneyDew Donuts, and Chick-fil-A!


Najima Will be at the Walk!

Najima is one of the most inspiring micro-entrepreneurs served by our microfinance partners (Christian Service Society, or CSS, in India). She started with a micro-loan of less than $50 and now owns a concrete septic ring business employing eight men. Najima is just one of thousands around the world whose lives have been transformed because someone raised funds through our Walk for Economic Empowerment. We're excited to announce Najima will join us (at least for photo opportunities!) at Saturday's Boston Walk. It's just one of many ways we are celebrating the 10th Kopano Walk/Fun Run for Economic Empowerment! Please join us.


What Happens When You Walk

An initial micro-loan of less than $50 put Sohagi Mallick on the path to transforming not only her life, but of her eventual 40+ employees as well. Sohagi started a garbage recycling business in the outskirts of Kolkata, India. By accessing larger and larger amounts of credit from Christian Service Society (CSS), PEER Servants Indian partner, Sohagi grew her business. Through it she has educated her children and enabled her 40+ employees to educate their children as well. It all started with an amount less than what one typically spends on an evening at a restaurant.

If less than $50 can lead to this kind of transformation, just think what raising $100,000+ could do! Will you join us in this year's Walk to give thousands of others like Sohagi an opportunity to transform their lives and that of their families and communities?


3 Easy Steps to Your Fundraising Page

Setting up a fundraising webpage will allow you to have much more impact through the Kopano Walk/Run for Economic Empowerment. In minutes you can send it to your friends and family and be well on your way to reach your fundraising goal.  Here's how...

Step 1:  Click here and then click on "Sign Up" (or "Log In" if you already have a Razoo account). Set up or log in to the free account.

Step 2:  Click on "Fundraise" in the "Join This Team" box.

Step 3:  Click on your name in the upper right, click on the fundraising page you just set up, and then click on "Admin Panel" to customize your page. This is where you can edit your fundraising page, add a video or pictures (with captions), set a fundraising goal, and share the page with others via email, social networking, and more.

Email us at if you have any questions in what to do or if you want pictures or videos that you can include on your fundraising page.

Thanks for using the Kopano Walk/Run to extend a bit more of heaven to the materially poor!